Having Fun and Staying Positive are Key to Taking on New Experiences

Kids and teens take on new experiences every day – at school, at home and during extra-curricular activities – it’s part of growing up. As youth expand their horizons and experience new things, some lessons will come easy and others will be hard. It’s how we react that matters. Here are three tips to inspire you:

Be Patient

Patience means staying calm while you wait, success comes with practice and experience. Patience means giving yourself lots of chances to succeed by trying again and again.

Be Positive

Enjoy what you are doing regardless of the outcome. A positive attitude will not only make you feel better, it will help you DO better. When situations get difficult, rather than get upset, focus on what went right. Then, figure out what you could do better next time. If you have a good attitude and stay positive, it will help you enjoy what you are doing.

Ask for Help

It’s OK to ask for help; it’s how you learn. You should always feel comfortable asking  your teachers, coaches and friends for help. Asking for help from others is a much better option than struggling alone. Any challenges you face can be made easier if you tackle them together.

If you can follow these practices these tips, any new experience can turn into a positive one.

Character Building Programs for Kids

Empowering kids and teens through a lifetime of new experiences is at the heart of First Tee. With programs in all 50 states and select international locations, First Tee provides active learning experiences for youth that help build their inner strength, self-confidence and resilience. First Tee impacts more than 3.6 million youth each year, helping to strengthen their character through the game of golf.