Ace certification is the highest level a participant can achieve at First Tee – Jersey Shore.  Ace candidates must have completed advanced instruction and be a minimum of 14 years old to being the journey to Ace.  Our coaches and program director meet with the interested candidates to determine their goals and intentions.  This is a 2-year process and requires diligence, commitment and time.

Ace focuses on personal planning and will reinforce skills such as self-management, goal setting, self-coaching, interpersonal communication, and resilience that were applied in earlier levels of the program. Using these skills, participants will become Ace-certified by completing four projects that will help them build a foundation in higher education and for a career.


  • Community Service: Participants learn the value of giving back by volunteering for activities at The First Tee or in the community.
  • Career: Participants explore their interests and skills, matching them with career possibilities.
  • College: Participants explore issues related to college selection and educational alternatives.
  • Golf: Participants examine their golf skills, create an improvement plan, and assess the role they want golf to play in their lives.
It is required that participants take one-to-two years to complete all four projects. Although Ace participants will still have a coach, most of the responsibility requires them to work in small groups and independently. Each participant that completes Ace-certification will have shown their ability to apply the lessons they learned both on and off the golf course.
Enrollment in the Ace program requires an application and recommendation from a First Tee coach.  Please contact Pam Boccaccio at [email protected] for information.